About us

PANMECH was started over 30 years ago with the goal to provide exceptional engineering products and services for the growing industries of commercial control systems.  Started in Montreal, Canada by and American Engineer, PANMECH quickly gained a reputation for providing top tier service and superb quality products.

Our principals have over 50 years of international experience in mechanical and engineering consulting, production, design, and testing.  Our  experience has enabled us to focus over the past 30 years on commercial and residential Automated and Industrial Control Systems, Power Plants, and Commissioning. 

In addition to our world-class systems and solutions, PANMECH is known for its expert and reliable people. Our people provide customers with start-up assistance and worldwide training opportunities to help keep their systems operating at optimal levels. PANMECH extends this performance commitment to its own facilities and operations.

Our clients list speaks to our honesty, trust worthiness, and ability to go the extra mile to make sure such high stakes and big publicity projects go off without a hitch, and over the long haul, make sure they cost our clients less are delivered on time.

Here is look at some of our clients:

Oakland International Airport   San Francisco International Airport   San Jose State Univ.   Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories   Puerto Rico  Electric Power Authority    Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) of Mexico  Leprino Foods  Sherill Engineering  Parsons Brinkerhoff  Lurgi